A request came from Partners In Health (PIH) for MAF’s assistance in transferring a patient from their hospital in Harper. Five year old Ama was in desperate need of specialist treatment and intensive care following a horrific incident in which her hands had been burned in hot oil by a relative for allegedly eating leftover food without permission.

The little girl’s hands had been seriously damaged and three fingers had to be removed. While MAF was able to assist in a small way by transporting the child from her rural hometown in SE Liberia to a large hospital in Monrovia thus saving her two days of painful travel by road, her plight drew much wider attention from the Government and media.

The First Lady, Mrs Clara Weah, visited Ama in hospital in Monrovia. “Honestly, it saddens me to see what happened to this child, it totally breaks my heart,” said the First Lady who called for drastic measures to protect children against such acts.

Speaking with government and NGOs working in the field of child protection she said, “We have to try to implement measures to protect children because it’s sad that someone could do something like this to an innocent child.”

Hopefully, this little girl’s story will continue to motivate people to ensure that changes are made to improve safety of children in Liberia.